Dr. Adrienne Meier


As a licensed psychologist, I love having the opportunity to help others recognize and reach their full potential through assessments and therapy.

Assessments allow me to identify what barriers may be getting in the way of your success, which may include AD/HD, learning difficulties, mental health issues or personality traits. I then provide you with comprehensive recommendations to ensure you are able to thrive in all areas of your life. In therapy it is a privilege to journey alongside my clients as we work together to improve relationships and performance at school and/or work.

I’d love to discuss ways we could work together to improve your life, so please call for a free consultation.


Creating a safe, warm environment. 



I provide individual therapy for children (5+), teens and adults. At some point, we all find ourselves having difficulty achieving our goals, which can result in feelings of anxiety or depression. Using a holistic, strengths based approach, I can help you or your child explore factors that may have thwarted success.

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Psychological Assessment.

We are often aware we are having difficulties in life, but it is hard to pinpoint the cause of our distress. A comprehensive psychological or psychodiagnostic evaluation allows us to identify specific problems, how they developed, and how to address them.

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Neuropsychological Assessment.

Neuropsychology refers to the relationship between behavior, emotion, and cognition or brain function. I conduct neuropsychological and cognitive assessment to assess various issues related to IQ, brain injuries, memory deficits, psychiatric compromise (deficits due to psychiatric symptoms)...  

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Forensic Evaluations.

Forensic psychology refers to the intersection of psychology and the law. As such, forensic (psycholegal) evaluations are conducted to assist the trier-of-fact (judge) in their decision making process by addressing specific questions, either in criminal or civil cases.  

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Meeting you where you’re at.